1/9/08: Updated directions to sav isle and updated the run mob section. There are now entries for every pkarea mob. Clan eq mana updated again.

1/2/08: Updated maps section, updated clan hqs and added maps to all pk areas. Also added mana to clan eq, only missing mana from three pieces.

12/22/07: Updated Links section and cleared out the dead links.

1/15/06: Added clan headquarters to maps section and re-updated clan light stats.

12/19/05: As of 11/19/05, clan light stats have been modified, the clan equipment section now reflects these changes.

09/12/05: Added racial stat modifiers to the race subsection in the player kill section.

09/11/05: The Misc. section is up, enjoy!

09/09/05: The OFFICIAL Excordis webpage is up and running. The only section that is really under construction is the run section, i'll post new mobs up as I get more detailed info for specific mobs. Everything else is more or less done, however I will add to each section as I come up with more useful information to put up. Check back here for updates to the site and changes to the in game PK world. If you want to contact me for whatever reason you can e-mail me.

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