(Bliss in Dementia)

You feel the end is near..

You can hear your mother calling..

Fairies.. Laughing.. At you..

They're coming to get you.. coming to take you away..

You awaken screaming, in a cold sweat. This is the
seventh night of your nightmares, and you still do not
understand. Gazing out the window, you notice the moon
is full tonight. Your body shivers slightly, likely
from the cold breeze on your sweaty skin. You stand up
to close the window, but then you notice a piece of
parchment sitting on the window sill. Picking it up
curiously, you open it and begin to read..

             They're coming to get you..
                 Take you away...
                   End.. is near.

You gasp for breath as you realize these are some of
the thoughts from your nightmares.. You hear some quiet
voices giggling outside, and peer out the window to see
two fairies flying away.

Suddenly, your mother calls to you..

"Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you"
                                       -Carl Jung

As you come to, you quickly realize you aren't in
your home. You are in a small cell, barely six feet
from wall to wall. A barred wall on one side, on the
opposite side a small barred window. The full moon
shines through the window into your cell, casting an
eerie light around you. Before you can wonder where
you are, you hear slow footsteps approaching. A
shadowy figure opens your cell, and motions for you to
follow him.

"Welcome.. to the Excordis."

Excordis is a clan of individuals who have attained a
higher level of being. Some people call them "insane",
"crazy", or "not all there".. They call themselves
enlightened. They need not worry about simple things
like pain or pleasure, victory or defeat.

Their goal is simple. To enlighten the world, one
person at a time. If someone proves to be resistant to
their techniques, they are destroyed, or forced to
remain in the dungeons as slaves.